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Zion Software introduces JMessageServerÔ , a Presence & Instant Messaging real-time communications platform for the Enterprise

Leveraging the JavaÔ platform and Zion's enterprise IM toolkit, JBuddyÔ SDK, enables Zion to bring a robust, enterprise capable real-time communications platform to market for a variety of computing environments

(Glastonbury, CT - July 2, 2002) - Zion Soft\ware, LLC today announced the introduction of JMessageServer, a Presence and Instant Messaging real-time communications platform available for JavaÔ 1.4 and greater computing environments. JMessageServer enables organizations to keep internal communications inside the corporate network, with centralized logging to meet SEC and HIPPA requirements, while still offering the flexibility to reach customers outside the enterprise over the major public IM services, if policy permits. Using a relational database backend is a core feature of JMessageServer, which stores user contact lists and real-time presence (ie: online, offline, away…) enabling new applications and services to be developed using live presence-aware data. In addition, enterprise application integration (EAI) with JMessageServer is enabled with Zion's enterprise IM toolkit, JBuddyÔ SDK, so applications and users can interact in real-time over the corporate network with minimal development effort.

User access to JMessageServer is through Zion's newly introduced JSuperChatÔ universal IM client which is available on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and other J2SEÔ capable platforms. JSuperChat supports both private and public IM services including AIM, ICQ, MSN Messenger and Yahoo Messenger, if policy permits. JSuperChat is available for customization and corporate branding.

"Our combination of a universal IM client, an enterprise capable IM server and a robust IM toolkit for EAI, all available on the JavaÔ computing platform will be hard to find anywhere." stated David Ferrero, Zion's founder and CTO.

A FREE evaluation download of JMessageServer is available for qualified companies and organizations by completing a request form on Zion's website at

Zion Software provides Instant Messaging & Presence and real-time communications software solutions and professional services for corporate and enterprise clients. Zion is located in central Connecticut and may be reached at 860-432-6258, or online at

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