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Zion Software introduces JSuperChatÔ , a cross-service, cross-platform IM client for JavaÔ enabled PCs and devices

Leveraging the JavaÔ platform and Zion's enterprise IM toolkit, JBuddyÔ SDK, enables Zion to bring a universal IM client to market for a multitude of computing platforms

(Glastonbury, CT - July 2, 2002) - Zion Software, LLC today announced the introduction of JSuperChat, a cross-service, cross-platform IM client for J2SEÔ compliant Java enabled PCs and devices. JSuperChat supports AIM, ICQ, MSN Messenger and Yahoo Messenger on all the major operating systems including Windows 98, NT, 2000, XP, Mac OS X, Linux, and SolarisÔ . In addition to supporting the major public IM services, JSuperChat supports Zion's newly introduced enterprise IM solution - JMessageServerÔ . Future enhancements of JSuperChat are already in development to provide a rich set of enterprise IM features.

"This combination of universal IM client and enterprise server allows corporate IM to remain internal, secure and logged while still supporting customer communications over public IM services if corporate policy permits." stated David Ferrero, Zion's founder and CTO.

Industry sources note that as of September 2001, 29% of IM users at home used at least two competing brands, while at work, 23% of messaging users used at least two competing brands. Both figures are on the rise as popularity of public IM services continues at home and work.

JSuperChat is available as a FREE Java Web StartÔ download for personal use from Zion's website at Contact Zion to license brandable and customizable versions of JSuperChat for commercial use.

Zion Software provides Instant Messaging & Presence and real-time communication software solutions and professional services for corporate and enterprise clients. Zion is located in central Connecticut and may be reached at 860-432-6258, or online at

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