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Instant Help Release Notes

Release 3.2.111216

  • Released with JBuddy Server 3.2.111216

Release 3.1.110622

  • Added support to notify rep of successful xfer
  • Added support to notify rep of failed xfer and chance to rejoin session before timeout

Release 3.1.110210

  • Added support to lookup and use (if found) the 'displayName' buddy attribute value from database for a non-qualified rep who may join a session via a xfer.
  • Discontinued using bot status 'IDLE' to convey no activity - use only ONLINE / AVAILABLE
  • Bug fix: set bot status to ONLINE in between state changes of 'needs a rep...' and ' is helping ' - Fix IM servers which do not pass status messages along when state remains the same but status message changes.
  • Changed csrName to use displayName instead for ' is helping '.

Release 3.1.101223

  • Bug fix: xfer command wasn't resolving certain reps on Sametime
  • Added property 'jbuddy.sametime.response.timeout' for changing default response timeouts for Sametime

Release 3.1.101210

  • Bug fix: 'No Reps Available Message' now delivered to customer before 'session is closed' message

Release 3.1.100602

Release number revised to use JBuddy Server version.

  • Added support for adding &name= to ihcc.html to pre-assign customer name

Release 1.0

July 18, 2006 - Initial release into JBuddy Server 3.0