JBuddyTM SDK and JBuddy COM/.NET Tools README

If you need to build an interactive IM Bot, IM gateway, IM client or IM-enable your application quickly and easily without being distracted with the underlying details of each protocol and their evolution, you've come to the right place. Using the JBuddy SDK or JBuddy COM/.NET Tools, a software developer with basic programming skills in JavaTM or any COM or .NET programming language can easily integrate Instant Messaging & Presence technology into client or server deployed applications using the simple JBuddy API and runtime components.

Features at a Glance

JBuddy SDK provides the following features for most of the IM protocols. Please consult the specific API features for more information.

IM Protocol Support

Popular Public Instant Messaging Services Enterprise Instant Messaging Protocols

System Requirements

JBuddy SDK

JBuddy COM/.NET Tools

* The latest Java Runtime environment can be downloaded from java.com


JBuddy SDK and JBuddy COM/.NET Tools require a valid license file or license key to run. A free, restricted license file comes bundled with JBuddy. Please read the LicenseAgreement to verify you are using JBuddy according to your agreement. On startup, JBuddy will try to locate a valid license file or license key. If you are provided with an upgrade license, you should replace the original jbuddy.lic file or license.lic with the license file you receive in order to remove certain restrictions in the bundled free license.

JBuddy license limitations - Free Edition


JBuddy SDK and JBuddy.NET are available in a double-clickable java jar installer. The following subdirectories may appear depending on selections you make during installation:

JBuddy Support

In addition to the developer documentation included in the installation, additional online support is available at:

Contacting Zion Sales

The limitations of the free, bundled JBuddy license can be lifted by contacting the Sales Department at Zion to purchase a less restrictive license suitable for your deployment needs. Please contact Zion Sales M-F 10-6 EST at 860-368-0643 or email sales@zionsoftware.com, or visit http://www.zionsoftware.com/company/contact.html and click the 'Instant Help' link and submit your question for live help.
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