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Release Notes

JBuddy Messenger v3.3
April 2012
Fix for Software Update Checks.
Fix for Buddy List Ads.
Fix for MSN signon.

March 2012
This minor update enhances the licensing technology in support of simpler deployment within an enterprise.

February 2012
This release coincides with JBuddy Server version 3.3.120227 and allows JBuddy Messenger to support Add Buddy search against Active Directory and LDAP directories. In addition, the latest Lotus Sametime connectivity libraries have been included. The User's Guide now includes a section on Adding Buddies for protocols that support directory search including JBuddy Server v3.3+, Lotus Sametime, and Microsoft OCS.

JBuddy Messenger v3.2
December 2011
This release coincides with JBuddy Server version 3.2.111216 and allows JBuddy Messenger to support DNS SRV records and authenticate to JBuddy Server using an LDAP or Active Directory service. The User's Guide has been expanded and revised.

August 2010
This release restores connectivity lost to MSN (Live Messenger Service) in early August and updates AIM protocol to avoid the warnings during login about upgrading.

Jaunuary 2010
This release includes several useful fixes and improvements to the JBuddy Messenger GUI, but the big news is that this release brings much improvement to our support of LCS 2005 and OCS 2007. In addition to many bug fixes, we are proud to include new support for file transfer, multi-user chat conferencing, as well as address book server support for finding and adding contacts. Thanks to our beta testers who helped us flush out many bugs and test new features. JBuddy Messenger v3.2 support of LCS 2005 & OCS 2007 is no longer considered BETA level. We think it's ready for production use.

JBuddy Messenger v3.1
This release supports more operating systems and versions including Mac OS X Snow Leopard and the new Windows 7 64-bit. Many bugs have finally been fixed as well. Based on bug reports and some feedback since the v3.0 release, we have decided Microsoft Live Communications Server 2003, 2005 (LCS) and Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 (OCS) support within the JBuddy family of products including JBuddy Messenger is still at BETA level. LCS and OCS have particularly complex deployment scenarios in the enterprise and only with the help of users can we reach a mature implementation. We're getting closer!

JBuddy Messenger v3.0
This release is a complete overhaul of the JBuddy Messenger GUI, with special focus the buddy list where we have added many new "view & sort" options. Additionally, JBuddy Messenger v3.0 introduces simplified installer technology. All versions still require a Java Runtime Environment (JRE) version 1.4 or newer. Simply save the downloadable archive to your computer, open the archive (unzip for Windows), (double-click for Mac OS X), (tar + gz for unix/linux/solaris), and move the JBuddy Messenger application executable to a location on your computer. If you purchased a new JBuddy Messenger license, install the license after moving the JBuddy Messenger to its new location.

JBuddy Messenger Pro features merged into JBuddy Messenger

As of version 3.0, the enterprise instant messaging features of JBuddy Messenger Pro have been merged into the licensed edition of JBuddy Messenger 3.0. The JBuddy Messenger Pro software edition is no longer available since its features are now available in the paid licensed version of JBuddy Messenger.

Licenses purchased and issued for JBuddy Messenger Pro will not work with version 3.0 of JBuddy Messenger. JBuddy Messenger comes with a FREE license but only a PAID license key will unlock the enterprise protocols and features of JBuddy Messenger. You may purchase a new license by visiting our online store. If you are happy with version 2.4 of JBuddy Messenger Pro, you are under no obligation to upgrade. The update reminder will popup on application startup and possibly once a day. It can be disabled with a special system property setting passed as a JVM argument. Details forthcoming.

Release Change Log
For a list of changes for each release of JBuddy Messenger and prior Pro editions, please see the release notes below. Features only available in the JBuddy Messenger Pro have been noted with (Pro): Features available for licensed enterprise edition are also noted.

JBuddy Messenger Release Change Log