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JBuddy Alerts Online Sample Test

Send a test IM Alert to yourself and see how simple JBuddy Alerts is to use.
Please Note: This is a publically available online demonstration using an 'Opt-In' protection scheme in an effort to reduce opportunities for misusing or abusing our online JBuddy Alerts demo. Our 'Opt-In' protection scheme requires you to send our JBuddy Alerts Bot an IM from your IM account before our JBuddy Alerts Bot will send IM alerts to you from this test page. Once JBuddy Alerts Bot receives an IM from you, your screenname will be added to the JBuddy Alerts temporary 'Opt-In' list.

In order to see which screenname you need to send an IM to in order to be added to the 'Opt-In' list, please click 'Send IM Alert' to see this protection in action. Once your screenname is in the temporary 'Opt-In' list, you will be able to send test IM Alerts to your screenname. In addition to this 'Opt-In' protection scheme, please be aware that all requests are logged on our server.

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