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Send Instant Messaging Alerts with simple HTTP requests!
If you are developing an application or service that needs to send real-time alerts and messages to users on public or enterprise IM services and you don't need the full flexibility and API available in JBuddy, then JBuddy Alerts is what you need.

JBuddy Alerts provides a simple HTTP API for communicating with users on both public and private IM networks. JAlerts is based on JBuddy technology and is deployed as a Web Application Archive (JAlerts.war) to a JSP/Servlet container such as Apache's Jakarta-Tomcat. Any language or application that can send a simple HTTP GET request can fire off real-time alerts and notifications to IM users. JBuddy Alerts can even be configured using a simple XML file to prevent unauthorized hosts and users from abusing the HTTP service.

JAlerts Network Diagram
JBuddy Alerts Provides HTTP API to Public IM Services

JBuddy Alerts can send IM Alerts to popular IM services including:

  • AOL Instant Messenger
  • ICQ
  • MSN Messenger
  • Yahoo Instant Messenger
  • Easily add other IM protocols

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