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JBuddy Messenger Readme

Welcome to Zion Software's JBuddy Messenger.

If you find yourself running multiple IM clients just to stay in touch with everyone, then Zion's JBuddy Messenger might just be what you're looking for. If you are running on a non-Windows platform such as Mac OS X, Linux, Sparc or something more rare, then JBuddy Messenger could be very useful for you to remain in touch.

Release Notes
JBuddy Messenger Release Notes

Frequently Asked Questions
JBuddy Messenger FAQ

Current Features

  • 100% Java
  • Simple yet powerful IM client
  • One IM client including public and enterprise IM protocols including:
  • Brandable.
  • Licensing
    Please see the license comparison page for details on the difference between a FREE and PAID License for JBuddy Messenger.

    If you are a paid license user (customer) of JBuddy Messenger (or Pro customer) and your questions are not addressed in the FAQ nor in the online forums, please direct your questions to or consult the contact information in your support contract.